I'm Gabriel D. Roberts, a New York based writer, photographer & founder of Eris Films. 

I've worked extensively in the United States and Europe in film, photo and audio for the last ten years. I've just wrapped up production of the full length film, Refuge (2017). I utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to accentuate the beauty of the subject and its surroundings. The result is dramatic, rich and authentic.

I possess a Master of Interdisciplinary Arts degree from the University of Washington, specializing in composition & film theory.

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ERIS FILMS IS PARTNERED WITH BLACK DOOR STUDIO IN PARIS. WE WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE COMMERCIAL AND CINEMA GRADE ANIMATIONS. 3D animation, 2D animation, compositing, Print, Art direction, Storyboarding, Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Photography, corporate film, Logos, Identity, Brand Content.

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Eris Films: 917-532-5363

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