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In this first full length documentary by ERIS FILMS, Europeans and refugees share their struggle for safety, dignity and humanity across the continent..

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Project Overview

Refugees have come to Europe fleeing gruesome war, persecution and violence.  

You've seen the footage of the boats and the waves of people flooding the news, but that's just the beginning of the story.  

I began this film with one simple question: How is Europe assimilating this influx of refugees? This question led to many more, and the investigation has opened up many other channels of query. We Are Nameless looks to the stories of individual refugees and those who are helping them ease their transition to the many nations of Europe. 

This is a conversation the entire Western world should hear.



Eris was started last year by Gabriel Roberts as a hub for compelling media that thoughtfully reifies the sense of global community and humanity.  

Since 2016 Eris has produced 16 short docs and short features and is now in post production for the film, WE ARE NAMELESS.  Eris is based in Brooklyn, NY and is devoted to producing full length films and features that provide accurate information on the subjects they cover in a cinematic format.  

Cinema, to us, is the greatest form of mass communication for the global community and therefore the best medium for showing the beauty of this world in all its complications and trials.

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Support Indie FIlm

Eris is a producer of independent film and is presently supported through grass roots efforts.

In order to avoid having to answer to interests that may dilute the message we are trying to give voice to, Eris has, up to this point been independently financed by Gabriel Roberts himself and through private philanthropists and crowdfunding campaigns. 

Because Eris focuses on controversial stories which may be subject to political slant, the integrity of unfiltered independent journalism must remain sacred.  It is because of this attitude and proven action that Eris has attracted the support of philanthropists and crowdfunds alike.

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I'm Gabriel D. Roberts, a New York based writer, photographer & founder of Eris Films. 

I've worked extensively in the United States and Europe in film, photo and audio for the last ten years. I'm presently at work on the full length film, WE ARE NAMELESS  (2017). I utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to accentuate the beauty of the subject and its surroundings. The result is dramatic, rich and authentic.

I possess a Master of Interdisciplinary Arts degree from the University of Washington, specializing in composition & film theory.

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ERIS FILMS IS PARTNERED WITH BLACK DOOR STUDIO IN PARIS. WE WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE COMMERCIAL AND CINEMA GRADE ANIMATIONS. 3D animation, 2D animation, compositing, Print, Art direction, Storyboarding, Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Photography, corporate film, Logos, Identity, Brand Content.

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Eris Films: 917-532-5363

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